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At Greenhills Neighbourhood House we have a focus on sustainability and offer the following programs: 

Food rescue  

Greenhills Neighbourhood House offers food to the community through our Greenroom food relief room. We partner with Second Bite and Aldi Lower Plenty to give a second life to good produce and products that would otherwise be thrown away.    

Bread tags:  

We collect (again) bread tags for wheelchairs.  This amazing project has been running in Australia since 2006. 

Please bring them into Greenhills and we will send them on.   


Sustainability swaps  

A very popular part of our sustainability program is our swaps at the house.  Bring what you can and walk away with new items. 

Each term we have multiple swaps: plants, books, puzzles, seedlings, eco swaps and even clothes.   Advertised widely - please keep an eye out for dates

Donate excess items to our Greenroom  

We encourage our community to bring food and resources to the Greenroom that could be useful to others in the community.  Have too many cans of tomatoes?  Don't know what to do with the 5 unopened shampoo bottles?  

Bring them to us and we will make sure they go to people in need.

Boomerang Bags 

Greenhills Neighbourhood House volunteers have made nearly 1,000 bags out of recycled fabric!  These bags are given to community members full of food from our greenroom or cheaply sold in the house for people to use instead of plastic bags.

Aluminium Recycling Program 

Every week one of our champion supporters picks up your donated aluminium and then returns the profit to our Greenroom food relief program. Please feel free to drop off your cans or aluminium products to us as part of our collective effort to minimise waste.

Organic Gardening & Growing Food 

As part of our effort to create a sustainable Neighbourhood House we have 11 large vegetable growing beds where we grow fresh seasonal produce to give to community in need.  We only use worm tea on our produce and proudly collect seeds from our gardens.

We also have a range of diverse native flora planted on our grounds and support the efforts of Yandell Reserve - our native neighbouring bushland. 

Community Composting

We have 5 large compost bins on-site and encourage our community to come and put their compost waste in our systems.  Each bin has an index on where in the cycle it is - which to add to, which to leave and how composting works.

Making sustainable connections

Greenhills Neighbourhood House partners with many other sustainable groups to share ideas and reduce waste. We have frequent visits by Roving Refills, work with Earthbound Bolton Eltham, receive generous produce and seedlings from The Veggie Empire.  We have working relationships with Greensborough, Watsonia and Macleod Sustainability groups.  We are proud to be part of the local food collective.

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