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Neighbourhood Weddings

A pop-up registry office for many simple weddings at Greenhills Neighbourhood House.

Simple, Affordable and Meaningful.

There’s just no place like Greenhills for a sense of community and connection to place. Marry in an intimate open-air pavilion, enjoy the open playground and wander the neighbouring native bush land before heading to your favourite place to celebrate.


The Playground and House Deck will be open for access to your group of guests during your chosen day and time.

Wedding for $600 +GST 

The basics

  • Pre-meeting to get all your paperwork in order (2 months prior to ceremony).


  • Ceremony staging, including wedding arbour in a lovely location in Greensborough, Melbourne, Australia.


  • A brief but meaningful ceremony, with your choice of four scripts.


  • All paperwork to legally register your marriage.

The run down

  • A 15-20 min ceremony and a celebratory boogie to your favourite tune.

  • Your total wedding time slot will be around 30-40 minutes - brief but meaningful.

  • Your choice out of four wedding scripts.

  • Invite up to 30 guests from your chosen family or loved ones to witness.

  • 10 digital photographs, untouched, provided within 3 weeks after your ceremony.

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