Online Classes 

In order to stay connected we have moved our classes online for the time being. A big thank you to the tutors for learning and growing with us, and to our wonderful community for embracing this new  technology and supporting us during this time.


We use the free software Zoom for all of our online programming. To book into any of our classes email us at, call us on 9435 9287, or send us a message on social media


Monday November 2nd, 2020

Learn to sew a face mask!

Complimentary materials will be posted to you for free, ahead of time.

Choose from 19 colours and prints of fabric- from unicorns to polka dots!
Places are limited, and in order to ensure time for postage bookings close September 7th

Cost: Free

Tutor: Hannah

Coffee Chats



Join us on zoom where we come together as friends to check in and chat from the comfort of our own homes.

Put on your comfiest clothes, grab a blanket, put the kettle on, and log in for a weekly chat

Cost: Free

Host: Janelle

Knitting with Agnes



Learn to knit in a friendly and supportive environment from the comfort of your own home.

This free class will run for 4 weeks, from Wednesday the 2nd of September to Wednesday the 23rd of September, via zoom.

Knitters of all experience levels welcome to connect and learn together

Cost: Free

Tutor: Agnes

Luda strike a fabulous balance between pure relaxation and playful joy in these classes which incorporate key foundations of yoga with elements of tai chi and qi gong for a comprehensive class that energises and refreshes both body and mind. Classes begin with gentle massaging movements and progress through guided yoga and movement sequences, and each class ends with a meditation sequence where you're encouraged to stay as long as you need/wish in blissful relaxation.

This weekly class will run from the 9th- 30th of September.

Get your tickets for this class at

Cost: $6/class

Tutor: Luda

Yoga with Luda





We've received so much praise for our wonderful Luda's zoom yoga classes that we're adding an extra one!

Thursday's class will be similar to Wednesday's, and will follow the same format, but this new Thursday class is more gentle and restorative, perfect for those who prefer a slower and gentler practice.

This weekly class will run from the 3rd- 24th of September.

Get your tickets for this class at

Cost: $6/class

Tutor: Luda

Meditation with Sabine



Sabine (in her infinite wisdom) has scheduled this course for exactly when you need it- 

right at the end of the week so you can switch off all the thoughts of work and busyness and carve out some peace

and time for yourself.

This guided mindfulness meditation course is suitable for all levels including very beginners, and aims to strengthen your ability to let thoughts pass, build your connection to the present moment, and build resilience. 

As well as the meditations themselves, these sessions also include discussions on what to expect, how to overcome challenges that arise in meditation, and how to develop your own meditation practice. 

Cost: Free

Tutor: Sabine

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