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COVID 19 Update

Unfortunately due to the government restrictions the GNH office is closed.

If you need support during this time we can help with : food relief, referrals to services & phone consultations


 GNH Occasional Care is still open for business 

Hey there - Welcome!

Greenhills Neighbourhood House is located in leafy green Greensborough, Melbourne. 

As a your local Neighbourhood House we have a passion for bringing our beautiful community together. 

We have weekly events, classes and programs that aim to enhance your well being, health and connection to the community. 

We are here to to help you; 

Learn a new skill,  meet some new people,  access excellent Occasional Childcare, find new ways to help our environment and much more!

We are the little house that thinks big! 

Come and say hello to our friendly team - we will be sure to at the very least give you a friendly hello! 


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